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Pay to:  XenMin Systems Co., Ltd.   


- The mall bangkapi Branch 
- Saving Account
- Account Number :     732-2-25642-2


Pay to:  XenMin Systems Co., Ltd.    

           Siam Commercial Bank

- Big C nongjok Branch
- Saving Account
- Account Number :   401 - 597214 - 9

 Pay to:  XenMin Systems Co., Ltd. 

           Bangkok Bank (Public Ltd.)

- Nongjok Branch 
- Saving Account
- Account Number :     217 - 4 - 04280 - 0


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My Services

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Internet Solution

Features highlight
  • Smooth Downloading, Surfing & Gaming with only 1 ADSL line
  • Bittorrent control and bulk donwload control (Drop and Shaping)
  • Hotspot Billing System (base on Iptables management)
  • Billing's Data Base backup auto and manual
  • Separate Type of customer Day, Hour, Member
  • Traffic monitor realtime per client
  • Server services (Webserver, Mysql, php,and more...)
  • Supported 2 language Thai and English
  • Qos and Tos , Traffic Treatment, Bandwidth management
  • Proxy Server (Http,Ftp,Sip,Dns)
  • Booster Update Caching of all update
  • Firewall/Router Server
  • Auto reccord Users behaviour by Squid log (Legal of thailand)
  • Automatic Anti-Viruses and Hacker Protection and blocking
  • Snort Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Service Blocking (IP,Mac Address,www,msn,etc)
  • Plus Network Monitoring and more...

Hosting Solution

General Features

  • Messaging System. Lxadmin allows you have a better relationship with your customers using our messaging and ticketing system. The ticketing system is meant for talking to a single customer, while using the messaging system, you can send information to multiple people. Our customers so far has found these features to radically improve the customer experience.
  • Ticket System. This is a full featured trouble ticket system that allows customers to post their complaints without the need to login to their main account.
  • Ticket alerts.
  • Disable Enable Resellers.
  • Change Reseller's quotas.
  • Command Line api to everything that can be done through web interface.



    Our reseller program is perfect for anyone who wants to outsource their web hosting needs. Let Easy CGI do the work and you'll take the credit. Both you and your customers will be satisfied. We guarantee it. As a reseller you will have access to your own branded version of our Hosting Control Panel that your customers will think is yours. Here's how it works. 
    Discount Structure

    Once you sign up or upgrade to our reseller program, every service within your account is discounted based on the volume of hosting packages in your account. You may resell these services at whatever value you choose. Easy CGI bills you monthly for all services under you account.

    Hosting Packages Discount
    1-5 20%
    6-30 35%
    31+ 50%

    Hosting control panel access is provided to you and sub-accounts are created for each of your customers. All default images in the Easy CGI Control Panel are fully customizable, to make the Control Panel look like it's yours. Every time your customer logs into the control panel, they will see your company name and style, and will never know that we are the real hosting company. We even provide a non-branded secure domain that appears in the address field of the web browser. You get a master account where you can administer all of your customer's accounts and your customers have sub-accounts that allow them full or limited administration of their services.

    Please give us a call at 08-66414919  .

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