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Internet Solution

Features highlight
  • Smooth Downloading, Surfing & Gaming with only 1 ADSL line
  • Bittorrent control and bulk donwload control (Drop and Shaping)
  • Hotspot Billing System (base on Iptables management)
  • Billing's Data Base backup auto and manual
  • Separate Type of customer Day, Hour, Member
  • Traffic monitor realtime per client
  • Server services (Webserver, Mysql, php,and more...)
  • Supported 2 language Thai and English
  • Qos and Tos , Traffic Treatment, Bandwidth management
  • Proxy Server (Http,Ftp,Sip,Dns)
  • Booster Update Caching of all update
  • Firewall/Router Server
  • Auto reccord Users behaviour by Squid log (Legal of thailand)
  • Automatic Anti-Viruses and Hacker Protection and blocking
  • Snort Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Service Blocking (IP,Mac Address,www,msn,etc)
  • Plus Network Monitoring and more...

Hosting Solution

General Features

  • Messaging System. Lxadmin allows you have a better relationship with your customers using our messaging and ticketing system. The ticketing system is meant for talking to a single customer, while using the messaging system, you can send information to multiple people. Our customers so far has found these features to radically improve the customer experience.
  • Ticket System. This is a full featured trouble ticket system that allows customers to post their complaints without the need to login to their main account.
  • Ticket alerts.
  • Disable Enable Resellers.
  • Change Reseller's quotas.
  • Command Line api to everything that can be done through web interface.