Development targets and order

An operative roadmap can be found at our bugtracker:

General development targets

  • Kernel - Last LTS-version (maybe 2.6.32?)
  • Hardening of the System
    • PAX-Kernel-Patch
    • Position independent executables (PIE)
    • Stack Smashing Protector alias ProPolice by IBM (SSP)
  • Porting for embedded-systems (Alix, WRAP, Soekris and RB230-Boards)
  • Rewrite of the webinterfaces in python (PHP will be removed!)
  • WiFi-Addon (can be taken from 2.x)
  • StrongSwan instead of OpenSwan
  • Perfection of the Firewall (portscan, auth errors over recent modul)

Alpha 1 end 2008

  • Update of the mainsystem
    • Targets:
      • GNU Compiler Collection 4.3.2
      • Glibc 2.9
      • Binutils 2.19
      • Change to syslog-ng
  • Update of the installation system (in progress)
    • The installation system should boot from the disk (at almost every x86-hardware) and run the installer.
    • Alternativly it should be possible to run the system without installer to use it for diagnostic. Tools should be available for:
      • Filesystem-diagnostic, -check, -reparation, partitionation
    • The installer manages the identification of the hardware (Harddisk and network) and can be used for automatically or manually partitioning, the configuration of the network, the systempasswords, installation of optional addons asf. At the moment there are German and English available as languages, but hopefully some more will be added if we get help from the right people.

Alpha 2 spring 2009

  • Update of the systemscripts and dialin scripts for red
  • extra integration of a new firewall interface (only on the shell)
    • Bridges blue0 green0 red0 orange0
      • Default configuration of the network after the installation (all interfaces in a Bridge green0 + APIPA DHCP)
    • Protocolls: ADSL (PPPoE), VDSL, Static and DHCP at red, UMTS, ISDN, Modem
    • Outgoing-Firewall Configuration with service presets on the Bridge Interfaces

Alpha 3 summer 2009

  • Rebuilding of pakfire on python basis
  • OpenLDAP and uniform/central usermanagement

Alpha 4 autumn 2009

  • Mainfeatures DHCP, DNS, Backup, SSH, DynDNS, NTP, Logs, graphical reporting
  • Webinterface for these services
  • DHCP Relay

Alpha 5 end of 2009

  • more functions QoS, VPN (StrongSwan)
  • Webinterface for these services

Alpha 6 begin of 2010

  • Addons Proxy, -Filter, IDS, IPS, Samba
  • Webinterface for these services