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I have tried to run both Debian Etch and Ubuntu 8.04 Server on the cluster nodes, in Dom0. I started my tests with Debian, but I had some issues with slow samba performance in one VM that I couldn't fix so I decided to try Ubuntu Server, for the first time. Both installation went OK, the main difference was that I used mainly source code in Debian, but only packages in Ubuntu. I actually ran into more problems with Ubuntu due to some early bugs in the 8.04 release, will describe them below as I go along.

The setup in Ubuntu was very stable and I had initially very few problems. I ran into some trouble later on when it turned out that my heartbeat in combination with XEN was negatively effected by some system updates. Never had time to resolve it so I eventually switch off heartbeat as it was just causing issues.
Instead I have started with a new install consisting of Debian Squeeze and XEN version 4. I'm migrating the data upgrading one node at the time. Documenting the migration phase and will publish it together with a fresh install guide.

Installation How to


Linux - Ubuntu 8.04 Server
Ubuntu - Base configuration
Installing XEN
Configure LVM
Configure XEN-tools
Using XEN-tools to install DomU
Install and configure DRBD
Configure DomU to use your DRBD device
Configure DomU on your other Dom0 node
Configure Live Migration
Install and Configure Heartbeat
Bug in default xendomains script
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